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So you got that great shot in that perfect place, now what.

Photo enhancements

    So you got a great shot of that favorite place in a beautiful sunset. Then you get home and get it up on the computer screen, and. Well it just doesn't have that same pop as when you were there. For the time being digital cameras just don't have the dynamic range our eyes do. I should know, it happens to me all the time, and that is why I have put thousands of hours into learning how to give images that pop. I shoot in RAW format with my DSLR and talk about dull images, but that is because in RAW format the camera doesn't perform any post processing. RAW format is exactly bit for bit what the image sensor will see and it is furthermore uncompressed. For me RAW format offers me more latitude in my post processing than with an image that has been allready processed into JPGs out of most consumer cameras.

     Even with images that you take with your consumer grade camera I can still extract more image information. Therefor I can make your images look much better than you thought even possible. I can go way beyond that, lets say it was an overcast grey looking day, even with that I can make photos look much better. I can superimpose a beautiful sky on that otherwise cloudless gray day. I can add more green to the trees and grass .

Wether you want a few minor image corrections or major enhancements that turn your photos into works of art, I can help. Just send me your questions and, or photos if you like. I'll get back to you in no time with answers or even completed work.

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Sometimes the difference is subtle

Other times very dramatic

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Quality photo editing by me and not very much money either