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Top Real Estate professionals know   how good photos, are an important tool essential to getting top dollar and decreasing market time for home sales. The cost of a medium priced home to sit on the market for just one month can cost nearly one percent of the value of that home. Almost all home buyers these days are turning to the internet first when they are preparing to buy or sell a home. The internet saves both the client and yourself valuable time and money. Today it is not necessary to visit so many properties to make an informed decision when buying a property now days.

Whether you are a Real Estate professional or a real estate photographer I can help you grow your business. For the semi amateur photographer I can make your good pictures look great. For the professional photographer I can save you valuable time from editing endless streams of photos. I am a photographer myself and I know what makes images look great, I am passionate about it.

In Real Estate a good photo is worth thousands.

You can click on a thumbnail below to cycle through the editing stages.

 Remember, on the Internet you only get a few seconds to make that first great impression.

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A recent property photo shoot and post production gig.

I bring you 12 years experience in graphics and 10 years involvement in home sales in California.

Highest Quality


I fully personalize your photo editing to your personal style and requirements. I work with you on a one-on-one basis to ensure I deliver to you high-quality, consistent photos each and every time.

My Commitment


I am very committed to your success, I am a team player and it is natural that your success means my success.  I have always subscribed to the idea of take care of the customer and the customer will take care of you.

The Road Ahead


As the Real Estate industry evolves so do I. That is why I invest a fair amount of time keeping up with the latest innovations in the graphics world. I also invest heavily in hardware and software, this insures we always stay ahead of the rest.

Here are a few that were shot in brackets, one under exposed, one normal exposure, then one over exposed then combined together in Photoshop. Click the thumb nail then you can cycle through with your the arrow keys to see the differences in the images.