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I have always been inspired by art of some kind. In my early years I liked to do metal sculpture it was lots of fun. Then I went on to water color and a few other things. Even from the beginning I have always had a passion for photography and bought my first 35mm SLR film camera back in 1980. From that time on I was hooked.


I haven't really figured out what my photography style is yet, maybe I'll never know. One thing I do know is that I really enjoy shooting and post processing my photos. I like venturing out looking for some sort of inner beauty that may exist in the most unlikely of places. When I go out shooting photos I am really out collecting canvases, to make art with. I still need good photo gear and I still need to be technically savvy with my equipment. No amount of Photoshop magic can fix a poorly composed, grainy, under exposed or blurry photo. The better the photo coming out of my camera the better chance I have of creating something nice to look at.







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1938 Chevrolet Coupe, at the Pismo Beach car show.
Thailand Fishing Boats in a sunset
SS Minnow Tehachapi, California. Photo by Russ Thorne
1947 Fargo pickup truck
Russ Thorne Art Photographer

About me Russ Thorne

The SS Minnow located at the entrance of Sand Canyon along highway 58 near Tehacapi, California. Not really the one used in Gilligans Island but I think it is a good name just as well.  I have seen this boat sitting here for more than fifty years, why it is here I don't know. Ironic that one day this field caught fire from a boat trailer that got a flat tire and the sparks from the rim set some bushes on fire. The boat survived the blaze because the hull is made of metal but there was nothing left of the top cabin area. I got some really great photos of this what is really a Tehachapi landmark only two weeks before the fire.